Emanuele Dufour was born in Genova, Italy, in 1978 and he lives in Madrid since 2006.

He formed himself between architectural studios, international sailing regattas and drawing (motivated by a great passion and supported by a good talent).

The blending of these three worlds has allowed him to develop a versatile project and design capacity.

He graduated in architecture with honors at the University of Genoa in 2004, with a thesis on the design of a 50 feet sailboat.

In the following years he is teaching assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Genoa, focusing on design, performance, 3D modeling and projecting, for the courses of nautical design.

Since 2006 he works in Madrid as yacht designer.

His attraction to the art world has grown from one year to the next, up to supporting the decision to equally split his time between professional ship design and painting.

(For this reason he defines himself artchitecht, with a T as in Art, to indicate the fusion of art and design capacity).

In short he has introduced himself to the public in various solo and group exhibitions and in a competition.

Personal exhibitions:

Madrid: “Los Musicos” (permanent exhibition in the elegant chamber music of Music above the Park)

Genoa 2014-2015: Pittura al Ristorante.

Group exhibitions:

Venice 2015 – Photissima art festival (May 6th – October 30th 2015, in conjunction with the 56ª Venice Biennale).


Madrid 2015: XV Jornada de pintura al aire libre.

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